QX60 LUXE AWD Essentials, Pro Assist, Theater


First post to the forum. I’m looking at the 2020 Infiniti LUXE AWD QX60, Essentials, Pro Assist, Theater Package and here is the current deal iI’ve been offered. Good deal? Bad deal? Average deal? I’m turning in a 2017 QX60 that has less than the $500 in wear and tear Nissan/Infiniti gives when leasing from them again. Let me know hackers. Thanks!

2020 QX60 LUXE ESSENTIAL AWD w/ Theater
MSRP $56,400
Sell Price $48,030
39 months
12,000 miles per year
$600 down
$562 per month all-in
You also receive 2 free oil changes and 2 free tire rotations for your first year, 15% off parts and accessories

Your numbers need to be more specific. What is MF, RV, DAS? What incentives are you qualified for?

You shouldn’t be putting anything down.

The free oil changes mean jack. You lease a car. You don’t need to worry about regular interval maintenance as it’s included.

That is not true.


Agreed with Jon. As far as I know, Infiniti does not offer free maintenance.


This is correct.

Wait really? Sorry for the misinformation, my bad.

Ya gotta pay for oil changes for Infiniti’s?! Jeez!

Yeah, big reason I stayed away from the Q50 and QX50, and went with a Volvo s60 instead. Lees ‘luxury’ still really comfortable, and more safety, and maintenance.


This is a below avg deal for a QX60.

I can get more than 10K off MSRP pretty easily.

Also there are multiple rebates like Owner celebration, Loylaty & VPP that might apply to you and bring the price even further down.

Infiniti Oil changes are worth $39 each so that’s not a big deal.

If you are ready to take this car before end of the month PM me below and I will send you a quote which will beat this quote in a significant way.

Send me the zip code where the car will be registered and I can send you some numbers.


I’m surprised you consider the S60 less luxury than the Infiniti.

I like Nissan’s family of seats better, we have owned two Nissan Altimas for the last 10 years and we are used to the really cushy seats they use across the family. Volvo’s seats are quite a bit firmer and more techy. I do like the Sensus, no exp with Infinity display. Also our S60 does not have the advanced package (No ACC, etc.) But still well equipped minus the harmon sound. But I can’t complain for 248 including 9% tax a month or 227 w/o tax, and a MSRP of 41k, I feel happy.

Hi HN, I am ready to take the car before month end. I’ve got 1 remaining payment on my current lease and my zip code is 18940. I’m looking for an AWD, Black Obsidian, 12k miles, essentials, pro assist, theater package (I believe you have to have pro assist for theater) . Let me know what you can do

@cocopele reply to his broker post, and message him, much better than just replying to a comment. HN308's Jan Infiniti - 2020 QX50 Luxe $325/mth + 3K DAS and 3.6K MSD / 2020 QX60 Pure $335/mth + 2.8K DAS - VPP required