QX60 Lease Tire Strategy in Midwest

I just got an amazing deal on QX60 10k/39m and now I would like to figure out on what should I do with the stock tires. The assumption is that stock tires will not last more than 20k miles and eventually I will have to replace them before my lease ends in 39 months.

Currently, there are two options:

  1. Buy winter tires (Michelin - Defender LTX M/S) now from Costco
    Tire package cost ~$920 for the package.
    Seasonal tire swap $40x7=$280
    Total cost: $1200

  2. Purchase cheap and good SUMITOMO ENCOUNTER HT from TireRack and get them installed in Costco.
    Tires delivered and installed $700.
    Use Sumitomo tires first (better quality) and install stock tires by the end of the lease if needed.
    Up to 2 tire swaps = $80.
    Total cost: $780

I live in Chicago suburbs nearby Costco Tire Center. Option #1 cost - Option #2 cost is $420 and less Costco visits. However, Option #1 gives better car handling during winter.

That would be your preferred option? Are there any other options to consider?

Why not just drive on the tires you have now, and replace when they’re worn? There’s no advantage to you to replace the tires with OEM Stock when returning the car. Provided the tires are the same size, and have 4/32nds of meat on the bone, it doesn’t matter the brand.

Unless you want winter tires…wait it out.

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Why on earth would you buy a set of tires, swap perfectly good new tires off, store them somewhere, pay to have them swapped twice . . . . it sounds like unnecessary complicated logistics.

And, what if you swap the tires and the next day some jagoff steals your QX60 from in front of the deep dish pizza place? Now you spent a bunch of $ on tires, you have a set taking up space in your spare bedroom, and you didn’t get to enjoy any of the tires?

Drive it till they need replaced. Then replace them.


drive stock tires until done then put cheap used ones on with enough tread to pass lease inspection. Done

Also, im not familiar with tire wear in the Midwest, but SUV tires should last you more than 20k miles

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@305Hackr, @mp11477, @anon92897398 Thanks for the advice!

It sounds like I might be overthinking it. I had g37x winter/summer tire situation and loved the performance of my tires during different seasons. However, it’s a lot of work, logistics, and extra expenses. QX60 is not really in a sports category either.

it’s different when you’re dealing with low profile runflat sports tires, they don’t last as long and they’re more expensive etc. On this car, i think you can prob hit 30k without a problem, then get a set of used ones and drive it the rest of the lease with enough tread to pass inspection. Unless there are some road/weather conditions from your region i’m not aware of.

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This is just a quick search on tire rack. And that’s new without any promos. So you can prob get new with promo for $300ish if you time it right, you have plenty of time over then next 39 mo.

LOL. We drove in a winter storm that hit Chicago last night. My AWD QX60 with stock tires performed very poorly… I ordered Michelin winter tires for $740 (installed in Costco + warranty). This is the way to go in this climate.

$448 + tax, shipping and installation. You will be looking at $600 cheap tires installed. From my experience tires make a huge difference in safety and the way how a car handles + the road noise.

Once I bought all season Diehard tires that had 90K warranty on them… I will never make this mistake again. There is a reason why some tires can last 90K and some only 20K. The longer they last the harder rubber compounds they use and at the end, you get a very limited traction.

There are many smart ways to save money and bad tires is not one of them.

This is truth! The life you save may be your own. Don’t buy shitty tires and keep your windshield washer reservoir full if you live in a snowy place.

There are some very good tires that don’t cost as much as Michelin. I used to have General Arcticmax winter tires on a RWD BMW. Highly recommend

Conti DWS is probably the best AS tire in snow.