QX60 lease deal.. what am I missing here?

Got this lease quote for a 2017 QX60, a little confused about “MSRP after discount” and “total selling price”… see attached lease break down… if Im using the lease calculator, what price do I put into the “sales price” ? thanks in advance.

Any feedback on this? Thanks in advance

I have no idea what these go for, but you getting a small mark up on the money factor. You could negotiate this out or do MSD to bring down the rate and payment. Sales price looks to by 8k under invoice from what I see in the top left corner. Lots of posts on these, research those and see what a good transaction price is.

i just got basically the same exact deal in NJ over the phone without pushing back at all. you probably have a little wiggle room here.

thanks buster11xx… the MF is actually .00003, this is the old printout showing .0003 the difference was a buck or two…

but im still confused if I enter $43100 or $38457.07 as the sales price in the LH calculator

use the $38457. Thats the sale price

check out mission viejo infiniti too if it s not too far from you. they have 25 2017s in their inventory so it looks like they are willing to make deals. lease program ends 12/14

using $38457, the calc shows $408/m tax included… using $43100, the calc shows $549/m tax incl… not sure how they came up with $480/m tax incl

i got $450 with everything you had on the sheet. did you input the correct residual? it defaults to 60%. it should be 51%

i just got a quote for 499 with 499 on a base 2018 QX 60. your deal looks much better. not many 2017 base’s left…

so weird!! i defer to the other experts then. :expressionless:

haha thanks…

hoping i can get this for $400 tax incl. Seem like deals like that were around 2nd-3rd quarter of this year when residuals were about 4-5 points higher…

yeah im trying to work the same thing, but got 2 $499 quotes right off the bat so i definitely think we can get low 4s.

You should be able to do $0 down just basic drive off for $450/m tax incl on a $49xxx msrp QX60 without much negotiation

infiniti’s fiscal year ends March 2018… and although 17s wont have lease support by then, 18s might lease really well at that time

Ask the dealer for the adjusted cap cost and the #'s that go into it.

Your drive-off info doesn’t match. The worksheet capped the acq fee whereas you selected to pay it upfront. Also, I believe the dealer has marked up the MF to .00083. Below is my calculation, which is close, but not exact to the dealer’s worksheet.

just so you know, I have been looking at the QX60 deals lately but now the RX350 leases pretty well. Well worth taking a look at least.

QX60 is very outdated whereas RX is new from last year.

I have a rx350… need something with a wider and roomier 2nd row, and larger trunk… the QX60 does both

dont need or care for a 3rd row.

looked at it again, and they used a mf of .00033, so they marked up the base mf by .00030 … redoing the calculation with .00033 and not paying the acquisition fee up front, im getting $450/m tax incl which is still $30/m lower than their quote

base mf would drop it to $429/m tax incl

something isnt addition up here.