Qx60 is this a good deal


Is this a good deal
2019 qx60
Msrp: 59,230
$555 month 39/10
0 out of pocket
Dealer paying first payment
Turning in current qx60 3 months early included

What’s the sales price?

Does not seem like a good deal to me. People are getting low to mid 300’s depending on trim level.

I got 270/mo including tax on a Premium last year. With just the basic drive offs.

This was also in NJ…but I personally called every dealer in NJ, Long Island and CT

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I’m not sure of the sale price. Msrp 59730. Essential, proactive and sensory

It would be best to invest some time reading here on LH.
Understand how leasing works
Then pull together all the info you need to calculate a lease (MRSP, Sales Price, Taxes, Fees, Money Factor).

When you post, post with as much detail as possible and you’ll get more help from the community.

Just saved you thousands


Where do I find this deal?

Hire @HN308

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Yes. @HN308 is super friendly to work with and has great deals on infinity right now. Send him a pm with your number. He will call you asap.

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Should be able to crush this on in-stock inventory. Shoot me a pm.

Where did you get this deal?
What dealership if you can share

I got it from Ramsey Infiniti last year when they had stackable incentives