QX60 $329/month plus tax $0 down

I tried to get dealers to match the $319/month mentioned in another thread and this is the best I got:

$329/month plus tax
breakdown (includes VPP)

Purchase price: $38,310 (MSRP $46,110)
Residual value: $26,743.80 - 58% (10,000 mile annually)
Money Factor: .00013 (39 months)
Cash due: $5,050.00 total due at lease inception ($4,050.00 in refundable security deposits)

What do you think? This would be my first lease ever.

It’s pretty close to mine (I posted the other thread), if not better, actually. You are only $10 more per month, but $1300 more in MSRP. Take it, it’s a great deal.

Get it and share the dealer info.

Depending on your vpp there is more. You can get at least 5k under invoice without vpp

How do I find out what my vpp is worth?