QX60 2018 Lease

Looking to close a lease before year end. In the midwest

MSRP $51010
Discount $2500
MF .00023
Residual: 56%
39 mnth, 12k
$5k down $512 mnth

I believe i am missing some$$… any suggestions

Believe people get much higher discount on Infiniti. 14-20 not unheard of

That is a really bad 1st quote which the dealers throw around to see your reaction.

Go ahead and ask for 9K off sticker with no down payment. The general rule with Leasehackr is to not put any money down on a lease.

With what the dealer is asking with 5K down and 2.5K discount off MSRP he is effectively asking you more than MSRP provided taxes and fees are not rolled in.

good direction - the $5k is covering Tax and fees but i get the point.

Do you have to pay all your taxes upfront? I’d also ask for a breakdown for that $5k. It also seems people are getting more that ~5% off on Infiniti’s. You should be able to push for a greater discount I’d think.