QX50 lease offer, what am I missing?

I have a 2019 Infiniti QX50 Essential AWD lease that expires 4/2022. Infiniti wants my car and have offered to pay my remaining lease payments. The new lease details they gave me don’t seem to add up, hoping someone can tell me what I’m missing.
Here are the details I have: I am in Missouri
Offer on my car 35,000
RV of my car 25,877.80= So 9,122.20 towards the new lease
New Lease 2022 Infiniti QX50 Essential AWD
MSRP 50,535
39 mo, 10k/y
MF= 0.00159
RV= 55% ( 27,694.15)
Tax rate= 5.97%
700 acquisition fee
$499 doc
$200 transportation to get the car from another dealership out of state
$898 “we charge every car for window tint and Zachtech”
$564 month with $564 DAS This looks high on most of the calculators I’ve used, am I missing something?

Oh, I forgot $1000 loyalty rebate

Don’t put all your $9k+ equity as a down payment. Ask the dealer to cut you a check for that amount.

That’s pure profit for the dealer. Car tint does not cost that much.

Well, you are missing the $9,122,20 in equity.

Is that included in the deal?

In summary, It is an awful deal. Your true DAS is ($564 + $9,122.20) $9,686.20.

First, I would strongly suggest reading Leasing 101 to understand how leasing works. Then, run away from this dealer, after getting your equity check. Do not sign this deal.

Is the 25xxx your current payoff or lease-end RV?

Lease end RV, pay off is $27, 643

So your equity is the offer less current payoff

Yes,…but they offered to pay my last payments to end the lease early.

Effective payment of $798 or total of $31k to lease a $50k car. Granted maybe not all of that equity is something you could have walked away with, but still.

I’d probably just buy out the lease on your current vehicle unless you dislike it.

That’s not how it works.

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Care to answer that? @QX50

yes it is included

Is the dealer selling the car to you at MSRP? Even worse deal than I imagined.