Quote on BMW X3. good deal?

State NJ - loaner car

MF - .00175

How many miles are on the car?

Looks like they’re bumping up MF as well - base for July should be 0.00145.

about 4000 miles

This is a pitiful discount for a loaner. Push for $43,000 sale price pre-incentive and base MF.

Thanks. so vehicle selling price should be around $43K. What other incentives can be applied? Corporate discounts?

Well. What do you qualify for?

Corporate discount because of where I work? Also currently lease MB GLE350 (lease ending this week)

The residual value is 57% and money factor is 0.00185

12K/36 Months

Also this is a 2018 manufactured (2019 model)

good deal?

Is this without MSD? The dealer discount is better than mine. Money factor is too high, I think it’s 0.00145 now according to some brokers’ post.

Is this on a different car?

yes different car and different dealership

Got updated numbers from the first dealership.

I am putting $1000 down.

$607 for a moderately equipped X3 loaner. Just on a very brief visual scan, terrible deal.


Also discussing a deal with few dealerships in ny, nj and ct
Correct me if wrong mf is 0.00145 and residual on 10k miles/year is 59%.
How much of a discount would consider acceptable on a less than 5000 miles loaners?
They are currently giving me less then 8% off msrp :rofl:

18%+ but if you get within 2% of that with buy rate MF you’re not doing terribly.

Residual also dropped to 58% 36/10.

what is the residual for 36/12K? I am getting 57%, is that the right %?

Now it is yes.

Talk to as many dealers as you can. There are better deals to be had in NJ.

Called so many dealers. Not sure how to get 16-18% off MSRP. I have my eyes on one loaner X3 with premium package and the dealer is not budging more than 12%.

It’s harder to negotiate early in the month. I got my X3 with premium, M-Sport and other packages at the end of last month at 19.5% off before incentives. But I had to find the right car at the right dealership at the right time. That is very far from common.

That being said, a different dealership offered me a new one without any negotiation at just over 12% off. That had premium, convenience, driver assist. The numbers worked out to around $2500 DAS and $457/mo for 10k miles and that’s new.

Deals should price similarly this month on X3s with the MF and residual reductions. Wait until later in the month if you can. They’ll be more likely to deal.