Quote on BMW 540ix

Is this a good deal guys?
MSRP: $67835
TOTAL DISCOUNTS: $10458 (I asked him twice to give me sale price without incentives applied)
Adjusted Price: $57376
Doc Fee: $599
Acq Fee: $925
Taxes: $2707.90
Tire Tax: $6
Reg: $304.50
Luxury Tax: $250.50 (I NEVER HEARD OF THIS)
Balance: $62169.15

This comes out roughly to $754 a month. I believe i can do better on this deal based on what i have seen in this forum. This is the most concrete breakdown i have gotten from all quote request.

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Do you qualify for loyalty and/or other rebates? If you don’t, push for another ~$1,200 off and make sure you get the base MF.

I don’t qualify for loyalty but i assume i qualify for conquest, lease bonus cash and college graduate. Also, i have an OL code and i am not sure if that’s applicable. And, i’ll ask him what’s the base RV and MF he’s using. That’s something i forgot to ask for this particular dealer.

If you qualify for conquest and college grad, there’s ~$3,200 more on the table for you :slight_smile: Plus additional $500 off for OL code :slight_smile:

I’ll keep pushing!