Quote not getting acknowledged

Hello All
Although the difference is small - ~ $1800 - Can something be done if the dealer promised a quote and then not acknowledging it and pointing out errors with list price.
It did ended up wasting in lot of time and losing on other options.

Please advise.


If it’s not written down and on official documentation, it didn’t happen.

If it is written down, apply pleasant pressure.



Thanks @anon92897398 -yes i have a snapshot of the quoted price - I tried applying pressure - they just have apologies for me and are not willing to proceed.
I feel I lost a lot of time and on other deals due to this and they should acknowledge on the promised price.
Not sure if I can approach someone to help on this


Do you have a copy of the “offer” on their paperwork?

Not a conversation you remember having, but an email or a physical piece of paper with numbers on it?

If no, you’re wasting your time. Just select another dealer. If yes, how are they avoiding you?

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@anon92897398 - I have an email copy of the quote - and I am just discussing on emails as now and all they are saying is apologies on email.


Can you describe what happened? Were they mistaken about a stock number or something else and supplied wrong price or was it a more sinister type of mistake?

It’s hard to judge without more data. I will say that dealers often pull trickery, but not all sales folks at all dealers are out to screw every single person that they assist.

They sent a quote on email - I responded to that and wanted to close on the same -I followed up multiple time - and did not got a response for around 2 days - I contacted the dealership via chat via website) then got in touch with another sales guy who also had couple of email exchanges and finally turned his back and told the car is sold.
Via yelp I got in touch with some other senior guy who initially said he will look up on details on this and will give me the car - on checking the price again he also turned his back and said the list price is wrong and cannot acknowledge this - He just has apologies for me now.
Overall I ended up wasting some time and missing on other deals.
cc @anon92897398

I do not think on a direct quote any action can be taken. On the other hand I have heard of lawsuits, and other forms of deal compensation when it is advertised on the website.

Even though it stinks when this :poop: happens, and even though you didn’t deserve it, you gotta ask yourself how much time you want to spend “righting” this wrong.

Perhaps the dealer is just shady, and this is how they work. Perhaps it’s a tolerance stack-up sort of issue. I don’t know. But you don’t really have damages to speak of, and there will be other deals out there.

I hope you find a better one.

Best luck. :bat:


Thanks @anon92897398 - For the grinding I have got - even if I am not getting these numbers- but I want to report this so that dealership does have some grinding as well.
Where can I report this.Can I report this to General motors?


I think your time is better served using the screenshot as leverage in negotiating with other dealers. Best case scenario is they try to beat it and now you have a better deal. Good luck!


jmg…this is by far the best solution…

Does a screen grab from a different dealer ever result in GSM saying, “Oh, well if they offered you that, let me beat it”?

To me, seems the least likely, but I could be wrong. I would instantly say “Maybe if Joe Blow has such a good price, you should buy it from Joe Blow.”

I just dealt with this on my new lease. The Internet Sales Manager tried to offer me a previous deal (that I had passed on), while another Salesperson had agreed to the deal I wanted. The ISM ignored me for 2-3 days. Once I shared a screenshot of the text with the terms, they gave me that deal.

It is challenging to back out of a written offer, as legal recourse is an option at that point.

what legal recourse i have - Can i raise a complain to some agency atleast - Any pointers on the same.

What are your damages? Without damages, what are you suing for?

Sheesh. Just spend the time you’d spend losing this lawsuit hacking another deal.


All I would have had to do was call, email, or text my attorney. He would have made the dealership give me the deal I agreed to, and it would have taken as much time as they could reply. Damages do not matter here, the agreement does. But my attorney does not charge me for such things.

If you can find an attorney who will not charge you much (or the rate is minimal compared to what you would lose in leasing the car at a higher price), they will comply. A suit is not necessary for this instance. It depends on you. As you can see, some do not feel the time is worth it (and it may not be). However, if you have the time, you could even win in small claims court. I have read about such situations plenty of times.

Written agreements work both ways. If you were to sign something, and the dealership wished to hold you to it, they would have no mercy.

Americans are too sue happy.


I’m wondering if there is a signed copy . . .

The OP never mentioned suing though.