Quote changed by almost $2k in taxes? What’s the deal?


Are they playing games with me. Monday they sent me a quote for a custom ‘19 X4 at $51,765. Last two days communicating has been difficult and they claim they are busy. Now today the numbers are different $53,471

Not quite sure how your tax is almost double in the second quote. Ask them details on it and if you can’t get a real answer, then move on to a different dealer.

So when doing a trade do they do the taxes on the difference or in the out the door price? His response was, “taxes are different on a lease sorry for the confusion.”

I do imagine many dealers are very busy. The majority of current deals end tonight (January 2, 2019).

That said, I think some waited just a tad too long to pull the trigger. If everyone is looking for a deal, it seems the dealerships are in control. Most met their quotas. As @osiq suggested if the store is not showing a willingness to respond, definitely move on. My guess is a lot of people are signing a whole heap of poor deals tonight. FOMO.

Best of luck.

Thanks, I was texting the sales manager Monday and I said I wanted to do the deal after I received the first quote. Didn’t hear back from him until today and now the price is different. I guess I’ll have to see what they say. No other dealer came close to this price unfortunately.

I wouldn’t normally trust a dealer with answers to those questions as they often don’t know or if it’s flexible then they’ll only tell you what that dealership does and present it as Gospel. You should check your state for what happens whether it’s tax offsetting, or something else.

That looks like a decent deal on an X4 in quite an isolated state market, but that’s with the huge caveat that the X4 does not lease well. The equivalent X3 would be ~$100p/m less, or a 2018 SQ5 would be around the same money potentially.

Ok I just looked it up, not sure if this is accurate or not.

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You are looking at the purchase/finance option. You can ignore the taxes as you are leasing and taxes are calculated differently.

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