Quickest way to get a hold of sales person?

Do you just call the dealership directly and ask for an email address?

There are a lot of dealerships in my area, but unfortunately no email addresses displayed on the website. I always have to talk to the shitty chat support, telling them to have someone email me today. They rarely do - very frustrating :slight_smile:

Of course I can call them but I don’t want to deal with their tactics ''come on in and we will talk!".

Any pointers on how to find their email addresses? I have quite a few dealerships I want to email.

I’ve even tried FB messaging them asking them to email me which they say they will but nothing happens, or rarely does.

usually i just click the “check if car is available”, put in my name/ email, usually by end of say their reaching out


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Yep just put an inquiry on one of their instock vehicles on THEIR site…not a 3rd party otherwise they pay lead fees which may factor in to your price


OMG TRUTH. I feel you lol. Story or our life’s :joy:

after this a quick Call with the internet sales manager or new car manager can speed things along

I’ve had to learn to not get emotionally involved in the lease offerings haha. Slow and steady wins the race.

Email works too if you get their direct email. Not just some internet sales rep. Need to contact someone with decision making authority.

Like many do here I just use the inquiry button on one of the vehicles I’m lookiing at and someone will reach out to me. By that time I have already kicked the tires at a local dealership to figure out what I want. So going forward it is just a standard template email to them when they reply with the “Come on in for a test drive”. Start a spreadsheet for when the quotes start coming in. The ones that don’t provide the info you want…throw them to the back burner.

This time around though the guy on the back burner was the one I dealt with. He kept saying to come in or call for prices. After sending multiple emails saying I will answer any/all questions via email quickly he still wouldn’t provide numbers. Then he sent another a few days later asking me to come in. So i just threw some numbers at him that was my goal PLUS asking for a check to payoff my lease…and he bit. Lower than everyone else who was providing numbers and “getting discounts from their managers”.

& someone who actually understands what MF/RV means. I got forwarded to the internet director when I asked a sales rep for those details

He agreed to pay off your lease?! DAMN! I tried that 2 months ago but no one bit!
Good job on sticking to your guns

I was surprised at how many dealers did not want to provide the numbers break down.

So they want me to sign a lease that has the numbers on it…but refuse to tell me what those numbers are? Don’t think so.

Yeah cause they know we will run away at the bullshit they show us.

Did you start each email with just posting your numbers (MSRP, sale price, incentives, MF/RV etc)? Or did you talk to them for a bit first?

I don’t want to scare them away so deciding the best strategy.


They don’t like the breakdown because A lot do not like disclosing incentives or try to pack payments like the “old days”… a lot of dealers are stuck in the pre-Internet days.

A lot of them are clueless how a lease works too.
Also all of their signatures say “manager” but really they are at the bottom of the food chain.

After hearing back from my online inquiry I would find a car on their lot that matched what I wanted. Then ask them for the lease price for that vehicle, first months payment down only, 39 months, 12k miles a year, including all taxes/fees rolled in. Also I had an idea of what rebates were out there so I’d tell them I am not military, nor a recent graduate, but I was currently in a competitors lease. Ended with please provide a breakdown of the numbers (MSRP, Sales Price, Incentive, Taxes Fees, RV, MF, etc.).

Some would come back with just a solid number. Some came back with 3-4 requested numbers.

Started a spreadsheet to track who was offering what. Did a lot of reading here. Did a lot of reading on the vehicles make/model forum where other users talked about what they paid. Researched over at Edmunds to know what the RV/MF was for my area and vehicle. So I had a good idea where I wanted to be.

After emailing a bunch of dealers, reading this forum, and reading other forums…I knew where I felt I should be for a good deal. So in the end, I didn’t care how they got me to the # I wanted to be at…as long as they got me there with only 1st month’s payment, my month/mile term, and a check for my current lease.