Quick question on MB loaner lease

Quick question all - fleet (control number from PenFed) can be applied on a loaner still with MB right? I have a dealer not wanting to take it due to being charged back from MB financial in the past. Just wanted to double check. In the final rounds of negotiations!

When I leased my C300 loaner in 2018 they applied ABA discount…Should be the same idea.

1k lease cash + PenFed ? Or only the difference?

Usually it is just difference of which is bigger. So if PenFed is $2500 and some other lease cash is $1500, you would ONLY get $2500. Had same issue with my wife’s Mercedes

I get that it’s the difference (or in other words whatever is the greater discount). In this case it’s $3,000 lease cash vs $3,500 fleet. Still wouldn’t take fleet but gave me $500 additional off. Oh well. I struggled hard with this round of car negotiations and am happy where I landed. En route to pick up the car now! Thanks for everyone’s input.

Let us know how it turns out.