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[Updated Post] Question: What is the retention policy?


When you remove content from Facebook you’re basically hiding it from yourself, they don’t delete anything. They keep ALL of it. Once you put something online, it never goes away, your just changing who can see it. Most things that are free, gmail facebook etc, you’re the product being sold, more importantly, your data.


That’s nice that people believe you own your data online:)


Ha, exactly!


I don’t believe I have seen a European lease here. So this site couldn’t/shouldn’t give two hoots about the EU and GDPR…

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Regardless, if you don’t want it held against you later, don’t post it.


What is the possible rationale or reasoning here?

You have two ‘reasons’;

  1. post info gets stale - so what? Who cares except the noob who is dumb enough to try to replicate a year old deal?
  2. information that could be identifying - huh?? Are you washing money?

Posting anything online immediately puts it in the public domain, forever. You should know this. Read the terms and conditions of this or any other website.


Our current retention policy is:

  • Posts removed by the author will be automatically deleted after 1 hour.
  • Maximum number of posts a user can delete per minute is 2.
  • Maximum number of posts a user can delete per day is 10.

We reserve the rights to change the setting anything without notifications. If you have sensitive information that you are not able to remove on your own, please contact us for assistance.


Thanks. Please delete my account.


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