Questions about buying or selling leased car (Chevy)

I have a Volt that I leased in 2018 with a one-pay through GM Financial. We don’t use the car much anymore (working from home now), so we could sell the car to a dealer like CarMax now even though the lease term is through early 2021. Another option is to buy the car for use ourselves and sell one of our other cars; this would make more sense if we can negotiate a better price than the residual as stated in the contract. We have only used about half of the allotted mileage.

What is the earliest that I can purchase the car or engage in selling it to a third-party like CarMax?

Will GM Financial negotiate the buyout price, or do they stick to the residual as stated in the contract?

Here’s a hand:

There’s plenty of recent experiences - search LH for Vroom, Carvana, etc. You can buy it out anytime. You need to ask GM Financial for your buyout price now. There may also be a dealer buyout price that only a dealer may obtain.

You can try, but there have been little (no) success stories. GMF will give you your exact buyout now, and it’ll likely have taxes added. Good luck

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GMF does not negotiate on lease buyouts.


So I sold my car to mycarauction but haven’t got the title yet froM GM financials.

However mycarauction gave me full check and I was able to cash out the money.
Now the question is should I give them my car or wait for the title to come?

If I give the car to them who is liable from here onwards? Me or mycarauction ?

Do I still need to keep my insurance while I get the title?

Your help would be appreciated. Thanks!