Questioning Conquest Offers

Any idea on the logic manufacturers apply when targeting specific competitors with Conquest Offers? For instance, I am looking at the Acura RDX. They offer the following conquest, and curious why they place limitations on what a potential purchaser previously drove. Have something to do with the lenders? Is a Toyota owner not good enough for Acura? Does Acura believe they will bring BMW to their knees with conquest offers? Did someone sleep with an Acura Executive’s wife?

2021 RDX $750 Competitor Conquest Offer. Excludes PMC edition.


Available to current owners of a 2011 or newer Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Genesis, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, or Volvo vehicles.

It’s all up to what Finance thinks they want to bring in.

  • Maybe Toyota loyalty is so strong they don’t care
  • Maybe they don’t care about VW at all.

It’s all up to the bank. It doesn’t have to really make sense.

there was one Conquest offer where you had to TRADE IN a Honda…odd yes?

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Weird that they consider Honda a competitor…

To bring customers to the brand.

This is one of the most logical conquest offers I’ve seen.

Hopefully $750 convinces a CRV buyer to drive, and maybe get an RDX instead? Just because it’s your luxury brand doesn’t mean it isn’t a conquest for Acura

It is a form of loyalty rather than conquest. Honda owns Acura. It really should be a loyalty but since Honda is not considered on par, they call it conquest. As for Toyota, it is not considered a luxury brand and they are targeting luxury brands. Annoys me to no end because I have a Highlander that costs more than some RDXs and TLXs but they will not consider it. I used to own Honda up until a year ago but they also do not consider prior ownership


How are they verifying conquest? Registration? Will they accept my BMW registration if I sold it 2 months ago?

Generally speaking as these are marketing offers the manufacturers make it easy on the consumer. Registration, insurance card, past statement, etc. all will generally suffice as verification.

As to the timing, you’d have to ask the dealer and/or read the fine print of the offer, but I can’t imagine a car you’ve recently sold within the past 2 months not counting for a conquest offer.

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