Question relate to Mercedes dealer's new lease offer

Currently leasing a 2016 C300 and lease ends in about 2 months. I received a “lease offer” from the MB dealer where I leased the car. The offer includes 1) waiving the remaining payments 2) waiving MB disposition fees 3) waiving up to $500 toward excess wear and tear and 4) $5000 bonus for next C/GLC class (1000 from MB and 4000 from the dealer).

When I reached out to the dealer, they just keep saying this $6000 bonus == dealer discount. For example, if I pick a GLC300 with MSRP of $50000, their sale price will be $44000. I thought this “bonus” is normally on top of the dealer discount like BMW’s lease support but it seems not. This just doesn’t make sense to me because I just feel l like they are playing the wording game and literally not giving any “dealer discount” to the car. The dealer also not willing to apply this to a loaner vehicle.

Is this normal?

There is nothing special that the dealer is giving you. The waived payments, dispo fee waived and damage waiver is from Mercedes financial and leasing a car from any Mercedes dealership will get you the same perks.
They are giving you a dealer discount of 4k and MB incentive of 1k like you said. Now both of those are poor discounts but you are getting them.
Ultimately forget this dealer and just shop around.