Question regarding unwinding a deal. Is a lease agreement the same thing as a retail instalment contract?

Hey y’all, as some of you are aware there are dealers who drafted non fundable contracts (net cap cost below RV) for the Nissan frontiers.

The dealer sent a restructured deal with a lower discount and a higher one pay. I understand I have the option to unwind the deal, but what I am worried about is the rental charges described in the addendum I signed (below).

The addendum reads like it applies to financed vehicles, and that is what my googling has also led me as far as “retail instalment contract”.

My questions for those of you who might know is, if I don’t agree to the new contract and unwind the deal, are these rental charges “real” and applicable to a lease agreement? Will they become payable despite the initial contract not funding due to dealer error (not confirming with NMAC if the deal is fundable)?

Thanks in advance.

did they say they made a mistake?

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Damn. What a turn of events. How many did this impact?
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Is it ever a good sign for OP when @drdvrgs busts out the popcorn?


Never a good sign.


They did say it was their fault. But when I played dumb over the phone and asked what exactly happened (even though I knew it’s because of NMAC net cap cost > RV+100), they actually lied and said it’s because of unpaid taxes.

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how much more we talking about?

I have a feeling we’re going to see alot of these resignings with all these Frontiers being contracted this month .

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Whether those rental charges are enforceable is going to vary by state, since every state has different rules on spot deliveries. But if the dealer had you sign it, that’s a good indicator that they are enforceable in your state.

Did you ask about redoing the contract with MSDs? It’s still a really good deal if you can get it at 2% off with the .00196 MF.

Ask him to cut you a check for the difference contingent on the revised contract getting funded.

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I did ask about redoing the contract with MSDs and the GM said they do not do MSDs period. So no go there.

There was a misunderstanding on the phone and they never expected me to pay the higher one pay, just to sign the new contract to get it funded by NMAC. The buyout is higher than initially agreed on, but we all know that none of us are planning to buy these trucks out anyway.

@trusted_hackrs please close the topic as I think any further discussion can happen in the frontier thread. Thanks.