Question regarding projected depreciation

Hi there, I would value some advise from anyone knowledgable re projected future values: I am considering either leasing/purchasing a Polestar 2 (fully loaded at 66K, $1750 drive off and 720+tax/36/7500, financing @ 2.24%/72), or financing a 2019 I-Pace HSE (2.49%/72). Any thoughts about which would be the ‘safer’ purchase in terms of A. retaining value and B. Projected reliability, would be greatly appreciated. I realize there are no clear answers, so speculations are welcomed :slight_smile:

While not cheap, I’d probably lease the Polestar 2 and let VCFS take on the risk of depreciation. Can’t imagine there would be much interest in a first-gen EV with 200 or so miles of range in three years. Both are very niche vehicles and don’t have the broad consumer appeal of, say, a Tesla.


The I-Pace can be written off as a huge dud. It is such a small blip on buyers’ radars that the Pentagon should license their stealth technology.

The Polestar is the lesser of two evils but not by much.

I am not sure why you settled on two such underwhelming choices.


haha - currently have an e-tron prestige lease with roughly 20k in equity. It’s feels silly to keep it. Although I don’t love the Audi, it is a solid car and pretty luxurious. Also, returning to an ICE car after an EV is hard to do. Should I go with a Tesla Y performance? I am aware that there are some new products out there from BMW, MB, etc, but I don’t want to pay over sticker, which is why I chose the Polestar to begin with, plus the car is actually pretty cool. I do worry about reliability and limited range.

Thanks for the feedback!

Tesla certainly has the historic data to suggest it will hold it’s value well. I don’t think you can really go wrong with a Model Y, assuming you can get one. But the leasing options for the Tesla are poor, so it requires a bit more upfront money then other EVs. And really I don’t like the idea of holding an EV for more then 1 or 2 years, with how fast the technology is improving.

Focusing on future value… I would look at the Kia Niro if you want something that can be leased, is on the cheaper end and should hold it’s value well. Not quite as much luxury as the Telsa, but it’s cheaper. Another option to consider maybe a Prius Prime.

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Tesla LR3 is a more comparable competitor and undoubtedly a much better value at 51k entry price and proven value retention. And, crucially for an EV, has better range.

But if you decide to go with BMW or MB: Money is money. The money leaving your bank account doesn’t care whether you have a piece of paper that says you bought a car at, below or above some made-up number called MSRP.

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Thank you for the advice. I just can’t see myself driving the model 3. I find it very unattractive. Re your money comment - the money doesn’t care but I care :slight_smile: I suppose you are correct about the made up MSRP number - never thought about it that way.