Question re MSDs

I’m considering a lease for a 2018 Mercedes GLC 300 and I’m trying to structure the deal to put more down in the form of security deposits and as little as possible in other drive-off cash. My question is whether the security deposits get refunded immediately in the event the lease is transferred (upon MB’s approval). It’s unlikely I would transfer the lease but possible. Thanks for any guidance on this. I hope to share the details of the final deal soon.

MSD goes to the new lessee. it sticks with the contract even when transferred to a new owner.

Ok, thanks! Buy I would receive the MSDs at the conclusion of the lease either way, right?

I believe the new owner will get the MSD refund at the end of the lease term. So, if you are to transfer the lease you will need to get the $ from the new owner.

no, the new lessee would receive it. so you make sure to get your MSDs from the new lessee when transferring. I have done that. but again it is not easy to find someone who is willing to do that or even understands what MSD is.

That’s good to know. Thanks so much for all of the helpful responses. I really appreciate it!