Question on updating title to my name after lease buyout (DMV or tax office?)



I did a buyout 1.5 years into my lease and HMF stated they mailed out title yesterday.

Once I receive it, in order to update title to my name (so I can take it to the dealership I sold the vehicle to in exchange for the check) would I go to DMV or the tax county office? Is the reason I am seeing different answers is because it differs by state/county?

I look up dallas county tax office and it looks like tax county office does title related services.
But then again I was told to go to DMV by the dealership I sold the car too…confusing.

HMF also said since sales tax has been paid I do not need to pay sales tax, but they will send me a proof letter stating that the buyout payment included sales tax (lmao?) that I need to show to DMV or tax office.

Been wondering about this, when you bring your own financing to the dealer they are putting title in their name and paying off the bank?

I been in the same process. so far, I been told to fill out the form - and bring that in person in tax county office.

thanks. do they then mail the updated title or just print it out? this “waiting for mail in the year 2022” stuff is annoying lol

few questions on this form: This would be for “title only” correct? (well, for you it would be title and registration i believe as you are looking to keep your car. in my case i’m selling so i would be title only i believe)