Question in regards to mid size SUVs


Hey all. New to here, been looking around but rarely ever posted. Trying to learn from this site as well. Currently starting to look at new SUVs since my lease is over in 4 months. My question is what SUVs lease the best? I just leased a 2019 Pathfinder SV for my wife last month at $369 a month, 0% down. (Can show more info). I tried the Infiniti qx60 but they would NOT budge here on Long island (couldn’t get lower then $459 a month) I don’t need something with a 3rd row but want to pay something similar to the pathfinder. I liked the Rav 4 but heard from this site they dont lease well. Any suggestions on a vehicle that leases well until my kid get older and I can buy a Wrangler haha. Thanks.

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Theres little point shopping now. Everything could change in 4 months

Thanks max, wasn’t sure the best spot to post it. I was hoping a dealership would take over my lease when I had 3 months left

Dealerships rarely take anything over for free. It’s rare to have non-negative equity. More likely they will roll your neg eq or your remaining payments into your new lease.

The corporate OEM might have a pull-ahead program but unless Nissan has really good deals, it doesn’t make sense to stay with them.

What car do you have now?
I would look into Mazda CX series as an option

I currently have a Jeep Cherokee.