Question from newbie

Hi fellows, this forum is awesome! really learned here. One of the best forums I have seen

If you don’t mind I do have some questions that hopefully will lead me to a good deal.

  1. How do one knows what are the cars with least depreciation?
  2. I noticed that some of you got nice “lease cash” discount, what do you say to sales rep to get it?
    -obviously they are not offering it immediately.
    without loyalty option since I dont have a car now, is there any other discounts that I can ask for?
  3. if I a get a lease quote can I post here to see the members’ feedback?


  1. You have to get the residual value from the leasing company. Generally the foreign makers have higher residuals, but domestics make up for it by offering more incentives.

  2. It’s good to know the lease cash incentives before you negotiate, so you’ll know it’s been applied. It’s all automated on the computer now, so most likely it gets automatically included. But you are right in not assuming anything. The key to a great lease is getting a big dealer discount before any incentives are applied.

  3. Of course, that’s what we live for!

Thanks AdamCar

go this one:

the MSRP 24705, rebate is 1200
acquisition fee is 595, license fee is: 264

what do you guys think?

Well this looks like a bad deal on the 2017 Whatcha Macallit xle sedan.

They’re obviously marking up the rate 8 tenths of a point.

and it looks like its being sold for MSRP so whatever it is. Must be really popular.

Anthony @ DSR Leasing

p.s. Happy to see you’re seeking professional help, Here’s my number. 949-485-3002

In short, it’s terrible.

  • the MSRP is 24705 and the selling price they are using is 24100. So they are giving you a whopping $605 discount…

  • you’re paying about $2300 down + about $1000 in fees and 1st payment. I’d instead push for an additional $2300 off the selling price and no down payment from you.

  • they have marked up the money factor (the monthly finance charge). Usually this is hard to find out, but they have helpfully displayed the buy rate MF of .00003 (what the finance company charges) and the rate they will be charging you is .00083. There’s no reason for that besides extra profit for the dealer.

What kind of car is this and what dealership?

Thanks everybody for looking into it, that really impressive how you are helping me here.

I had a feeling I got a bad deal, but it is my first time, so I preferred to verify. AL, it was for Nissan Rogue. dont know if I can mention the agency name here…

here is another one for Chevy Volt, hit me!

I understand the monthly payment incl tax is $228 but I dont understand how they got to $1624 due.