Question for my Hackrs [CA]

Is there a quick and easy way to know which car has the best residual and most likely to be given discounts on?

I’m not particular on what car I get but I want a quick and easy way to know each month which dealer is offering the most incentives and which finance company is offering the highest residual and MF. I am a Supporter of Leasehackr and have access to residual and MF but I don’t want to swift through thousands of makes and models every month.

Noob question but open to discussion

Best way is to follow the market yourself. There’s no quick and easy way to determine the info you want. If there was, this whole thing would be way too easy.

Brokers are your best bet.


Hire someone to do it for you :wink:

If there was, this site wouldn’t need to exist.

Dealers do not offer incentives.

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Sounds like you searching for a frontier deal

haha I have tried to get one and no one is willing to sell at msrp. they are marking them up like crazy

not incentives, i guess which car is most likely to be discounted by the dealer

@Clutch can help you get one

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In the good ol’ days, the Signed and Marketplace sections of LH were the best places to find which vehicles had the trifecta of:

Combination of dealer discount and OEM rebates
Low MF
High RV

Now this basically doesn’t exist any more.

we can get you a frontier @teddyarakelian w/no markup

Please fill our form and we will make it happen, link below :point_down:

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Can you get me this at MSRP. They trying to mark me up 3k. If not this one id like a black one. 4x4 S Crew 18/10 is 99% residual still.

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