Question About Shopping Around A Quote

I searched around but didn’t find anything that specifically answers my question. I got a quote from a dealer on an E300 loaner that is almost there. I told him if he could drop the sale price by $2k I would come in and sign the deal but he didn’t budge, just offered me some floor mats.

I’d like to shop this around to other MB dealers in the area but wasn’t sure if I should send over the PDF quote that I got in the email or just send over the relevant numbers in an email. If I send the PDF, should I redact the dealer info?

I’d like to send this out to 5-6 surrounding dealers but wasn’t quite sure how to present the info to ensure that they take it seriously and don’t just think I pulled out some numbers that looked good.

No need to redact. Some dealers compete often and/or have some sort rivalry. Might as well leverage that to your advantage.

Maybe I’m paranoid, but I would definitely redact dealer info and VIN number. I don’t want dealers to sabotage or possibly cahoot against me.


Glad to see I’m not the only one that thinks this way

Exactly. The salesperson could try and do a dealer swap for it, then give you a worse quote, knowing you won’t be able to get the original deal anymore.