Question about revisiting dealers

Don’t know if this off topic but I’m curious to see what you guys think. Do you reach out to dealerships again that the previous month did not want to work with you on a deal? Since I have read here that timing sometimes matters plus lease incentives sometimes change and so does MF?

I reached out to an Audi dealer this month whom I wasn’t able to reach a deal with in June. We made a little more traction this month but still no deal. I think these salesman like to see how interested you are an become more inspired to put in their own effort if they think they can actually get you to sign a deal.

I encourage customers to reach out again monthly because incentives change. If the incentives change in their favor and I can get them to the price they want then great. If it doesn’t for like 4 to 5 months in a row then I know the customer isn’t willing to pay a realistic price for the vehicle.

Sure why not, never hurts to try. I reached out to a salesman 3 different times within 2 months and we couldn’t make anything work. Reached out a 4th time during that second month and turned out they needed one more deal to close out the month. Got a sweet deal out of it.