Question about loaner Volvo s60 T6 rdesign lease, Am I way off in my understanding?

I have been attempting to get a solid deal on a loaner s60 T6 rdesign lease, but my expected and calculated numbers are way different from what dealers have provided me. Am I misunderstanding something?

I guess my question is this, the incentives below - those manufacture incentives? Meaning the manufacture will essentially reimburse the dealer for that amount of money. Because if so then the dealer is, imo, attempting to take me to the cleaners by telling me they are tapped out at the $9000 “discount” incentives and have no more wiggle room by pretending to have immensely discounted the vehicle themselves, when in reality they will recoup the $9000 dollars from the manufacture and will have essentially leased me a “used” loaner vehicle for full MSRP? If I am correct in my understanding, why do the dealers refuse to discount the MSRP of a loaner vehicle at all? Aside from the obvious, which one sales manager told me - “I’m not going to sell you a car for that because someone else will pay more”

Example below:

Miles in vehicle- 3128
MSRP $54,730.00
Selling Price $54,730.00
Incentives $9000 ($4k from volvo, $2000 from volvo, $3K executive demo due to being in rotation for more than 180 days)
Residual 52%
Lease term 36 months
Miles per year 15K
DAS $2500
Monthly $574

If I am way off base please let me know. Really trying to see if I am in the right or wrong here.


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These fine members may be able to help…@Ursus @AP919

Also, read up on some of these:

There are plenty of dealers that do discount loaners quite a bit. That dealer is just being ridiculous.

You literally PMd me the same exact same questions which I answered

I know you’re relatively new to the forum but what’s the deal lol

Poor form to PM brokers if you have no intention of using their services but only their expertise


I’ll be honest, this is probably the 4th volvo dealer that has done the same thing of not discounting the MSRP of the loaner and only giving the manufacture incentives. And once they realize I am not falling for that and I understand that they are hiding fact they are not discounting the car behind the fact they are providing incentives they become very rude.

Did you confirm the incentives on the Volvo website? What dealer is this?

I do agree with @Bostoncarconcierge that you can’t just message brokers for their knowledge and then essentially go around them if you have no intention of using their services. It’s like when people ask questions over and over and refuse to take your advice.

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Don’t just focus on loaners man

You may be surprised that you can get a new one in a similar budget, depending on what your budget is

You are correct, I did message you the same question. But tbh, I didn’t understand your response (the distinction between a write down and incentive) and I didn’t want to bother you more and take up your time. I felt bad asking you a follow-up since we discussed you inventory and you didn’t have the vehicle I was looking for and I didn’t want to keep asking you questions since I didn’t understand your answers. I wasn’t trying to use you for your knowledge and not your services. I would be more than happy to work with you if you had the vehicle I was looking for. I’m sorry!

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What are you looking for vehicle wise and price wise?

I appreciate the clarification

You’ll have a hard time shopping loaners/going at this on your own if you don’t understand write downs. Just a heads up. Don’t mean that to come off the wrong way


That wasn’t what I was trying to do! I agree with him as well. I felt bad continuing to ask him questions because he doesn’t currently have the vehicle in his inventory that I would be looking for. So intead of asking him for clarity, I posted here.

Honestly if you don’t understand certain terms, you should be researching their meanings before looking for inventory.

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@Bostoncarconcierge has a few S60 T6 r-designs on his spreadsheet

Fair enough, you are right.

He does, but they are new models. And maybe he is correct that I should stick to new instead of loaners.

Does it matter if they’re cheaper than the loaners you’re shopping?


Just tell us your Desired car and budget

It’ll help!

I’ll take that polestar for $50/month. Better than me saying $5!


S60 T6 Rdesign with polestar and 19 inch wheels would be preferred and heated front seats. No other options needed.

Sub $340 monthly with $2500 DAS and 12K miles? Maybe I am looking for a car that doesnt exist in my budget. Sorry for being a bother.

I am 99% sure that car doesn’t exist

Not a bother

Just easier to be clear about what you’re shopping for

@nyclife what do you think?


Ok, thank you for your help! I will either move on to another vehicle or reformat my budget. Thanks again!