Question about high mileage on a new non “demo/loaner”


Was inquiring about a New Tundra, it has over 300 miles on it. Not titled and not a loaner or demo per dealer.

Refuse to discount it any further than advertised despite the mileage. Any thoughts? At what point does the mileage make it essentially a demo/loaner?

300 miles is nothing. You’re not going to get a significant amount off for that low of miles. It was probably loaned to someone to test drive for a weekend to try out and they decided it wasn’t for them.

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Varies by manufacturer but it’s in the thousands…

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I don’t believe Toyota discounts for loaners at all, but let’s pretend it was a BMW or a Volvo: under a couple thousand miles they aren’t going to discount it. It’s possible tht someone took it home for the weekend and decided not to buy it. It’s possible that someone tried to buy or lease it and they had to unwind the deal. It’s possible that somebody drove it from a dealership 300 miles away. You can ask (assuming you trust the answer), but it doesn’t matter: it’s a new car with the full warranty.

You are leasing it, so I wouldn’t worry about it unless the term of your lease is going past the original manufacturers warranty, in which case the best you might be able to do is get an extended warranty for ~$100 over cost.

There isn’t a lot of inventory so don’t expect deep discounts (period) unless it’s distressed. 300 miles on the OD isn’t.

Ok thanks, I’m going into my 4th car purchase/lease and not seen a car beyond 90 miles for purchase. That just speaks to my lack of experience.

I appreciate the info and advice.

As for the reason on this vehicle, they told me the vehicle was drive to this dealership from another as a dealer swap. I believe it. In order to make my target deal I needed them to provide a bigger discount than they advertised and used that as potential leverage- they didn’t budge and I thanked them for their time.

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