Question about fees


I’m leasing a car out of state and having it shipped to me. My question is which doc and etch fees apply? The ones from my state or the ones in the dealers state?

The doc fee is whatever the dealer wants to charge, etch is a complete scam, so don’t buy that. Your taxes and plates will be whatever it is in your state.

Doc fee has to follow the state laws where the dealer is. Etch fee is BS.


I feel like I’m getting a bad deal on the fees

Doc fee:$499
Vin Etch: $199
Registration fee: $380

Are all these fees negotiable? My last lease I only paid $180 for registration and $8bfor registration

Registration is charged by the state and cannot be marked up. No negotiating there

Why don’t you post the rest of your deal, then we can really see if you’re getting a good deal

This! But don’t start a new thread. Keep it here

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Here is the deal i have right now. What do you think?

Also, if i plan on transferring existing plates and not get new ones shouldn’t my registration fee drop significantly?


Just spoke to dealer and he clarified this for me so its actually a much better scenario now. Thanks for the fast input from everyone though.

Looks like a pretty legit deal