Question about credit and co-signing

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Im currently leasing a 2017 jeep hrand Cherokee and have to return it in 5 days. My credit is lower now than it was when i first got the vehicle (640 now and 740 when i got it) my domestic partners credit score is 810. Would we be considered “tier 1” credit or are they averaging both credit scores? Im currently with chrystler capital. I rep i was speaking with at the dealership said the price they agreed to with rodo was based on tier 1 and because my credit isnt tier 1 (even with the cosigner) that the numbers would be different.

Side note:
Never missed a payment (440/month) with chrystler capital .were looking to get into a silver jeep cherokee limited with sunroof and leather (37-38k msrp). Im also eligible for the first responder incentive (fdny) my zipcode is 11375.

FDNY? Much respect. You should be getting the first responder discount. 640 should be able to qualify on your own and even get the FCA subprime incentive.

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I think credit is based on highest person

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Thank you. Fca subprime?

Extend your current lease, improve your credit, and then treat yourself to a better car than a Cherokee.


It’s more for my girl. Im taking the other car we have. Her credit is 810. She wants to be around the high 2s.

I don’t want to keep paying 440

Why don’t you just make her the primary?

Yes FCA has a bonus for subprime lessee

Lease based on 10k miles/year. Tax title, acq, sec, reg, inspection and doc fee additional, must qualified lease conquest inventive, available to current lessees of competitive non-Chrysler vehicles, Commercial Bonus available to current business owner registered with State, Association of Realtor available to realtor agent whom belong National Realtor Association. Extra charge may apply at lease end. Must qualified tier 1 credit,. Finance bonus required finance through Chrysler capital. 0% finance in lieu of rebate. Must qualify for lease loyalty to receive loyalty price**.Sub-Prime bonus only available for customer has 620 or below FICO credit score.** Subject to program change without notice. $299 documentation fee not included in final price. $20 per $1,000

Just have her add you as the user on her oldest credit card. You will instantly be bumped 20-40 pts on your score…may take up to two months to show.

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if the chrysler cap borrower is in good standing, they should have no issues being approved again.generally chrysler cap is annoying under 700 though. i would try individually before adding a co.

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I’m confused so does the co-signer score take over if it’s higher or not

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Double check with the Rodo rep to see if the dealer’s captive can bump you a tier. Even with a lower score, the dealer should be able to get you a higher tier because of your perfect payment history with the captive.

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And thank you for your service! Especially in these difficult times!!

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Thank you.