Question about Costco Auto Program (Audi)

Hi Hackers,

I’m looking to lease an Audi sometime in ~6 months’ time and I’m considering signing up for a Costco membership to take advantage of the Costco Auto Program. I am not currently a Costco member.

What is the likelihood of the Costco Auto Program having an Audi incentive in 6 months? How long do I need to have been a member in order to qualify for the Costco Auto Program discount?

Costco is so cheap, why not just get a base membership just in case?

I would expect some Costco promotions in the next 6 months. If they are on cars which lease well is another matter (cough XC40 recharge)

I believe someone mentioned in another forum that a Costco Audi promotion was coming after the current one expires on 8/2. As a previous poster mention, no specific info on what models it would apply to.

We have to consult our crystal balls to predict the future. Current outlook for manufacturer incentive is not good. They can sell above msrp, they don’t need costco. Except for flammable bolts.


I have the crystal ball. Costco will launch it’s Audi Program on Aug 2nd and Wil last for 2 months. Do Not Expect 10% off MSRP this time.


Do what I just did…put $100 down for a Tesla that will be delivered in the future.

Obviously, not a perfect car for everyone. But at least you’re not getting hosed by the dealers…just by the manufacturer!

as long as you become a member by July 31st you are ok

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