Question about CA EV/PHEV rebate income requirement

Hi hackers,

My current EV lease ends around March 2019. I’ve been wondering if I should start a new lease earlier than that date to qualify for the CA rebate

I’m eyeing towards Nissan leaf or Kia Niro hybrid, which should be getting $2500/$1500 rebate if my income qualifies. The thing is, my joint 2018 1040 will be just over 300K most likely. However, my joint 2017 AGI is under. So the question is, if anybody here has more experience, do they actually check the AGI when applying for CA Rebate? They didn’t for my last EV and I was able to get $2500 pretty effortlessly. The other question is, if I lease a car early 2019 when I haven’t even filed the tax return/received 2018 W2, will they be asking for 2017 tax return then?

Thanks in advance!

Why don’t you just close by 12/31 and use your 2017 AGI?