Question about Acquisition Fee

I’m about to pull the trigger on a 2017 Fiat, but think the dealer is not being up-front about the acquisition fee. After agreeing on a sales price, and confirming lease program details (residual and interest), he said my acquisition fee number of $595 was too low, and the non-negotiable number set by the bank was $1,395. After saying I wanted to think about it, he offered to reduce it by 300 to $1,095. So much for a non-negotiable fee!
My research has Chrysler Capital’s acquisition fee at either 595 or 895. Any one with a recent a Chrysler Capital Fiat lease care to chime in?
This fee is often hidden as it is commonly rolled into the lease. The difference between the “gross cap” number in the lease and the negotiated sales price, often called “agreed upon value” is typically the acquisition fee, from what I understand. Unless you choose to pay it up front, in which case it will be a separate line item.

I would walk away. Call a few dealers and ask what their acquisition is. Mercedes dealers in CA have price fixed theirs at $1095 when the base is $795, none of them will budge.

It’s generally better to pay the fee up-front, and it is non-negotiable. The dealer in question is being a slimeball - surprise! Fiat! - but you should be able to find another somewhere who won’t try to screw you.

I’ve never paid $1095 for the acq fee. At the end if they are willing to lose a sale and a customer over a markup of $300 then let it go.

I paid 995 for a jeep grand cherokee and i know it was marked up by 300. But i got such a good deal that 300 did not matter to me. Again, in perspective if you really like the car and the monthly payment, 300 extra is not the end of the world. Especially if it is the right color combination and options do not throw it away for 300. Your time is not worth to go back to square one.


OK reporting back. Looks like currently Fiat dealers are charging an Aq fee of from 595 to 1095, and this is based on model. 500e leases I found from recent buyers are all 995 for 2016s, and 1095 for 2017s.
I ended up driving 50 miles to another dealer, who had the same car I wanted, and negotiated a further 1k (2k total) off the MSRP. Ended up with a 33,690 MSRP vehicle with a 12k/36mo. lease for a total net cost of 4700 after factoring in the 2.5K CA CARB rebate. MF .0021, 58% residual. 8000 incentives.

@bravo nice, i would have walked too if i found out they’re marking up acquisition fee like that

Wow that’s a lot - what does this incentive total consist of?

7500K mfg lease cash CCR (7.5K federal tax pass-thru) + 500 loyalty incentive (current Fiat lease)