Question about 2020 Maxima Lease


I apologize if this isn’t allowed to be asked and it can be deleted. I have not yet visited a dealer. I did confirm rebates/mf/rv from edmunds though. I had put that into the lease calculator with a hypothetical vehicle and discounts and wanted to run it by you guys to see what your thoughts were. I am also not 100% sure how accurate that calculator is. It was for a 2020 Maxima Platinum. MF is 0.00003 and RV is 48%. rebates are 3,850. New Jersey, 08731 zip code. I put 400 in for dealer fees because I was just estimating. I currently have a 2018 Maxima Platinum. That one was first payment ($420.94) and that was it. Granted I know the inventory is very slim right now. I am also unsure if I actually want to lease again or not.

MSRP: $43220

Selling Price: $37500
13.2% off MSRP

Pre-tax Monthly Payment: $378

Monthly Payment with Tax: $378

Drive-Off: $2,150

  • First Month Payment: $378
  • Down Payment: $0
  • Upfront Fees: $800
  • Upfront Taxes: $971

Disposition Fee: $395

Total Lease Cost: $15,380

Leasehackr Score: 9 years

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Is this lease ending any time soon?

December, but I can probably trade it in with little to no negative equity. I am also debating financing mine because my residual is 18.5k on it. It just has had some issues so I do not know if I actually want to keep it.

Then just wait.

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I was thinking that as well. See how things are in December and maybe if the 2021 is changed at all.