Qualify for all incentives on 2018 Terrain?

I haven’t had a chance to talk to a dealer yet. Just saw the Terrain deal on the Leasehackr main page so looked at available incentives on Edmunds. Not sure if I qualify for all of them.

For my zip code, 79415, Terrain SLE with 1.5L Turbo, I already knew about the $2650 lease cash and the $3000 conquest bonus (our lease on 2015 CR-V is expiring). However, I’m also seeing $1000 customer cash, no mention of purchase or lease restriction, another $1500 conquest incentive for lessees of 2012 or newer vehicle, $1000 capitalized cost reduction cash and another $750 cap cost reduction.

So, that’s $9900 in incentives. Does that sound right?

Oh, and we would be doing a 36/10 lease. 24 month lease won’t work, having to pay the full sales tax up front and all.

It looks like 7400 total incentives available for lease in your zip code, unless you have a code for the executive/employee referral. That’s an extra 750 that appears to stack. Everything else is purchase only/doesn’t stack.


can you please tell me what incentive is available for zip code 32095 for SLE?

Thank you. Can you break down the $7400? $2650 lease cash and $3000 conquest, what else gets me to $7400?

Carjojo is your friend. Look up your model and trim and desired colors and features and plug your zip code in. It will tell you all the rebates in your region, and black out the ones that don’t stack for lease/finance depending on what you check off. Edmunds forums will help too, but not for all incentives, usually just lease cash. Looks to be 6400 total if you qualify for Conquest in your zip code.


3000 conquest, 2650 CCR, 1000 CCR, 750 CCR.

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What about the other 1500 conquest cash offer? Will that not stack with the 3000, or is it a private offer? Thanks again.

You cannot stack those. Conquest and loyalty never stacks with any brand, so two conquest offers will surely not stack


The 3k conquest overrides the 1500. You can only have one.

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Thanks everyone, figured out what I had to do on carjojo, now seeing the correct offers.

Is conquest only if you lease an asian vehicle…I own a Honda so just wondering? thanks

This month for Buick and GMC, you get conquest for any non GM, so it can be any foreign or domestic other than GM.

does it matter if you own instead of lease to get the conquest? Do they make that distinction?

Any 1999 or newer NON GM vehicle counts. Own or lease.