Quadrifoglio Lease

Good Morning Hackrs,

My name is Justin Sutton and I work at Auto Express Alfa Romeo Of Erie. I got some news today that Alfa was going to be a little more aggressive with the Quad lease so I put together a 36 month, 10k miles a year lease with ZERO due at signing, but I didn’t add taxes (Depends where you’re from).

$999 a month with nothing due (Without tax) if you would like a quote using your current tax rate, please email, text, or call me @ 814-504-0544-------- jsutton_aepeach@yahoo.com

Thank you so much for making me salesman of the month again!

Much love to the Hackr community.

Hi Justin, as a recommendation, if you populate the details of your deal in the LH calculator and leave the tax portion at 0, people can add theirs in themselves and get the final total without you having to deal with multiple quotes.

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Same performance numbers as a c63…interesting.

May have to go test drive one.

What’s the calculator? Sorry I am still new to the site, I just really appreciate the community giving me the opportunity. What other information would be required? That lease is for 36/10k with truly nothing due.

Here you go. It’s helpful for the community to understand how the deal works and they can punch their own tax rate in to get the revised monthly without having to spin your wheels.

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Also, as an aside, you should’ve placed this in the “marketplace” instead of “ask the hackrs” section.

Moved to the marketplace.

everyone needs to buy this so there will be more pictures of it in the trophy garage okplzthnx

Whats msrp of this?..

Looks like 77-80k based on AUTO EXPRESS ALFA ROMEO OF ERIE inventory.

Gulia or Stelvio Quad?

I’m in Pittsburgh when will you have inventory?

That was my first thought too

Assumed sedan, but good point!

It’s a heck of a lot better than the $1500/month quotes I was getting a couple of months ago. Maybe someday this thing will be in hackable territory.

It’s all new to me brotha. Thank you

I have driven the Quad, M3, and AMG C63 on a track in New Orleans. Not trying to be biased, but the Quad blew my socks off.

I have inventory now, but it’s limited due to the high volume of sales I’ve got from the lease hackr community. I do not have a date when the new inventory will arrive.


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My AtsV lease is coming due in a few months. What’s maintenance like? I may contact you about looking at one, never drove one.