Q60 3.0T Premium -- thoughts on this deal

Hi All,

About to pull the trigger on this…wanted to get one last look if you dont mind
Q60 3.0T AWD Premium, Nav and Drive Assist

Below is original offer:
MSRP: 54,640
Sell Price: 49,540 (translates to 9.3% off MSRP approx)
Residual: 54% on 10K miles
MF = .00003
Monthly: $515 (before Tax, Inception fee, Doc, DMV First Pay, etc)

Then they came back with this offer (which i may now take)
Monthly: $530 – this is higher but it is now a true sign and drive (they will roll in Tax, Inception, Doc, DMV, First Payment) – ZERO collected from me at signing.

Thoughts on this deal…thank you.

shoot for at least 20% off MSRP

Based on what?


Looks to be a fantastic deal on a beautiful ride. Good luck!

Where are you located ?

Because everyone knows the meaning of life is 42, and if you take 22 from 42 you get 20!

See, easy to explain :wink:

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Located in NY/NJ area,

You wont be getting 20% off a q60. The best I’ve got is 17%

I’ve forgotten much about THHGTTG since watching it as a kid, but I do remember that… thumbs up for the LOL

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I wouldn’t sign to fast, I’m an auto broker in Ny,
How does a q60 red sport 400 hp sound for $468 per month with first month, DMV, bank fee, sales tax upfront, $0 down. Or with your sales tax rolled in for $514 per month so only your first month, DMV and bank fee due upfront, $0 down.

10k/39 months

What’s the MSRP on that Red Sport ? What woukd it be for true zero at signing…Also will this deal honor 2 months pull ahead

I have a better deal than that if you look at my thread. 3.0t starting at 405 pre tax

I’m trying to understand if yours is a better deal (and if so, I will be interested)

My MSRP is $54,640, and in their final offer, if they roll EVERYTHING in, they would have had to give me a 14.5% off MSRP. So looks like this.

MSRP 54,640
Sell Price: 46,800 (I backed into this number)
MF=.00003 (10k/39mos) Residual 54%
Cost rolled in: $3400 (Tax $1400, DMV $500, Bank $700, Doc $300, First $530)
Montthly: $530

Please let me know. Thanks

that looks good, compared to your first quote

Yes the will honor pull ahead

Ok thanks is that AWD? Same price point on a deal I’m considering now… $525 zero/nothing collected at signing. Let me know