Q50 red sport awd

2018 Infiniti q50 Red Sport 400 AWD

Negotiated to 539.98 for 15k/39 months
Taxes and Fees rolled in
Have 4 payments on my Lexus GS that they said they will roll in bringing it to 599.

Is there any more wiggle room? Car has an MSRP of 58,705.

Check out other posts, you need way more data points/info to get a serious and usable answer. (MSRP, MF, Residual, etc…)


doesn’t seem bad at the first glance… if you could lower it by using MSD… that would be great.
Find out what the Money Factor is to see if MSD is even an option.

Is there a reason you want to get into the infiniti before your lexus is over? I am in the same boat, but I am going to wait 2-3 months and hope the Q50 leases improve a little. AKA under $500 a month. (12k miles)

Just worked Backwards off the 539.98 He told me and got this

Just thought there would be better incentives with the 18’s going out and the 19’s coming in. Lexus Payments add 60$ to the 539 I was quoted without it so 599 would be my sign and drive. Wanted to see if there was more room to get into the 540 range.

got it.

is there a good reason you are willing to “lose” $2k for the Lexus?
They are not doing you any favor by making the 4 remaining payments on the Lexus.

Maybe you got the itch… I feel like your deal will still be there in 2-3 months (don’t quote me on this)

Is it a fully loaded one? I got mine at 499 a month fully loaded with carbon fiber package 15k a year with $2500 DAS…urs is not a bad deal.

Also see if u can get the wheel and tire protection thrown in I just had a screw go into my brand new rear tire sidewall cost me $400.

got the sensory package, carbon package, body color spoiler, I think the only package its missing is the proactive package.

Not bad. I like the proactive package that was a must for me.