Q50 3.0T - $378 per month with $378 down good deal?

I got this quote from dealer without any negotiations so far. Is there a room here in any way to bring this down to low 300’s?

A few things that I learned from trying to lease the same car with a higher MSRP.

Ask for the invoice price not the MSRP.

I know there is 5950 worth of factory incentive that can be taken off the invoice price (with the 2 certs).

From that there is another 750 they can take off. (Not sure from where it comes from)

Money factor should be .00003 NOT .00006.

That’s what I gather so far for March.

What does 2 cert mean? Sorry i am new to all this so dont understand the jargon.

can further explain the 2 certs you mentioned?

sorry it was dealer who mentioned this not me.

Certificates of 500 that come from the manufacture and dealers can use at their discretion with a max of 2 per deal.

@gurnor28 there is a note on your deal sheet that says “2 cert” so I’m guessing they are applying those already.

Thanks! Got it…

Emailed the dealer asking invoice and MF. This is what i got back:
Invoice for the Q50 awd sig edition is $39,335 and the MF is .00006.

You should be able to get a selling price of at least 33,385. MF seems high but it might be different in your region.

Ask the dealer to pull a vin zip lookup. It should look something like this:

He is saying this sheet is for Premium, but he is quoting lease on Signature edition.

I believe the Premium has a lower MF but also a lower RV than the Sig edition.

Prem - .00003 and 48%
Sig - .00006 and 50%