Q50 2020 lease deal

This the deal on this q50 2020 just wanna see if the is a good deal or not I didn’t want to put money down still got 2 payments left

Bad deal. You can get these for $375 with $0 down easily.

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At that msrp ? For a red sport?

Selling price is too high

Almost $700/mo for a q50? Absolute insanity.

Thanks appreciate it yea not worth it on q50

Frankly, I don’t know that the best offer you could reasonably achieve in this is anywhere near cheap enough to make it worth considering. Infiniti is just too far behind the times.

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Yea that’s Audi money lol

I reckon this does not have the M Sport Package. Pretty good deal for a X5 though.

You’re correct that this infiniti q50 doesn’t have the m sport package that bmw offers…

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Just having some fun with it. That looks like X5 money though to me. One would barely believe that’s an Infiniti at that $685 ($608+$3K/39)

I leased one of those in TX, the MSRP was about a grand less, but I put zero down and pay $525. 36/10
Just for reference.

Link please so that OP can jump on that deal.

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I think those days are over my friend

That’s what we call a head ripper

An effective monthly payment of $700 for a Q50? That’s just plain awful. I don’t care what trim it is.

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I don’t even know why you would ask if this was a good deal. You could literally scan any Q50 lease post hear and know within 27 seconds that you are getting TOTALLY RIPPED OFFFFFFFFFFF

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I don’t even want to pay $700 for a QX80! The largest infiniti Boat.