Purchased: 2022 Kia K5 GT-Line | $460/mn w/ tax | 2K DAS | 72 months

First off, the APR (4.54%) I got for this is the worst I have ever gotten for any vehicle I have leased/purchased with 818 credit score. I will be refinancing in a month. I put a deposit on this vehicle on April 15, 2022 and it arrived at the dealer July 8, 2022.

Vehicle: 2022 Kia K5 GT-Line
MSRP/Selling Price: 27,690
Tax/Title/Doc Fees: +$3,181.38
Sub-Total: $30,871.38

DAS: -$2,000

Total Loan Amount: $28,871.38

Term: 72 month loan @ 4.54%
Payment with 9.50% tax: $459.69/mn

PM if you want contact info of who I worked with at the dealer.


im surprised they did not get you with blessings, when i was searching for a telluride they told me msrp + 4k in blessings

Every telluride dealer i’ve talked to in the midwest is somewhere between $1000 (only 1, lol) and $5000 (most common) adm. Maybe the K5 isn’t as sought after or restricted supply wise? Not sure

Still want one ?
I found a dealer about 1k below msrp in Indiana

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Yes please holy shit

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Send the info bro

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DAS: -$2,000

They paid you?

No, the op put down 2k and finance the balance

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I would like this info also please! Thanks.