Purchase or wait on 2021 Atlas SEL

Test drove a new 2021 atlas sel 4 motion. Nice suv, has all sorts of options. Difference in price between a 2020 cross sport and a 2021 atlas was minimal so decided to go with the atlas as it’s also a year newer. Now after reading I see a 2021.5 atlas model is coming with updated nav and infotainment and two new safety features. One that will pull over if it thinks you died or something and one that essentially is combining lane keep assist with the adaptive cruise control which was labeled as semi autonomous, not really sure what the really gets me. So I’m wondering does anyone know when the 2021.5 is coming and then what this does to the 2021 model? do values go down even faster? The 2021 has a 3k purchase rebate already, wonder if the 2021.5 won’t have that then?

I’m not sure about the impact on pricing, but I wanted to say that one thing with 2021.5 would be mib3, which should theoretically improve navigation and graphics on infotainment. Wireless charging and USB-C as well.

Did you test drive 2021? My biggest gripe with it is that start stop can’t be permanently turned off, even with obd. My second biggest gripe is that the overhead camera doesn’t auto engage on reverse when backing up on SEL premium (not available on SEL). VW regulatory pressure in the US continues to impact its engineering, which is frustrating.

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