Purchase and Registration Question

General CA and dealer question:

Here is an example scenario: I am purchasing a new vehicle but need to register it at a new residence that I have no proof of residency at (e.g. moved in with significant other less than a week prior). Will the dealer give me issues? Will they require some sort of proof of residency for my new address? What are some insights to avoiding any issues?

Thank you.

they do require some proof of residency, such as license or lease agreement or bills to that address.

Otherwise everyone would try to avoid taxes.
Or other nefarious topics.

Edit : Your SO has no bills with that address? I don’t know if they accept it but it’s possible.

It would be SO’s home but not married so not sure how that would play out.

Have your SO draft up a lease/sublet agreement


Doesn’t your state’s DMV website have a list of what is or isn’t acceptable as proof of residence?

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Rental/lease agreement seems to be the best bet. Now I wonder if I can write $0 for rent.

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Change your address with your auto insurance company (which you have to do anyway) and generate a new declarations page or insurance card.

If you don’t have renter’s insurance at your new address, consider buying coverage for the PEACE OF MIND.

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