PSA - Harmon Kardon upgrade now available on X5 45e custom orders

In January I submitted an order on a X5 45e and was really bummed out that I couldn’t upgrade the stereo. I’ve been checking every so often and noticed today that it was available as an $875 option. Still can’t do the B&W but I’ll settle for the HK.

Spoke with my salesperson and they were able to add it to my order that is scheduled for week 14 production.

I didn’t check any other models, but for those of you who have orders not yet in production it may be worth looking into.


There’s some rumors on the forums that the 45e is getting a huge power bump for 2023. 450+ hp

They’d have to upgrade the battery/motors and give the engine the M40i tune for that.

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Seems like that is the case

So it’ll actually be a 2024 or 2023.5… I’ll see what I can find out about this.

Facelifts take time to heal, so I’m told…I’m naturally stunning.

Looking at an X5 45e now. Dealer says 2023 model year “orderable starting in July” but has no further detail. Wondering if i should wait?

Would they make a model year “2023” that would would come before the facelift or would any 2023 be updated?

From my end it doesn’t look like 2023 will be the facelift for G05.

Was wondering the exact same thing. Would be mad at myself for paying close to MSRP for a '22 only to have a refreshed version come out a few months later. Everything thing I saw was that refresh going into production April 2023, as @rob123mark linked, so figured it’d end up being 2024, because i’m not sure if BMW goes .5 releases? Also, not sure what kind of price hike may come with that refresh, either. :money_mouth_face:

BMW doesn’t do 0.5 model years but does have history of compressed years and early model year roll outs for LCI - so it would likely just be a shorter 2023 model year and early release of 2024.