PSA grading hackrs

I think I have the same 2. Gotta check !!

They both look perfect :man_shrugging:

Send them in

Hopefully good news lol

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The higher the grade, the more they charge? :thinking:

At ~$500 I would probably keep them. I used to be (/still am?) a huge Jordan fan .Cool stuff!

The higher the value.

Forgot to post. Found a few in the basement. :grinning:


Ever think of they can grade it higher to charge you more :joy::joy:

Lol that’s what I’m hoping for

Absolutely false. There’s a huge Jordan PSA collector market. Almost in Jordan in pristine condition is worth grading. Keep in mind the difference in a PSA 9 and a PSA 10 can be 10x or more in 90s Jordans.

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Guess it depends on what you consider is worth it. I’m not chasing a couple bucks or a few hundred dollar card. That little amount of money isn’t worth my time.

Also, there’s no need to pay $75 a card to submit to PSA right now. You’re paying for Express service times when there is almost no difference in that turn around and cheaper levels.

Unless you’re looking at a super quick high end Super Bowl play, the cheapest submission level is fine. If you get asked for an upcharge later, so be it. You should celebrate.

Happy to answer any sports card grading, flipping, or collecting questions. I made more money flipping cards in 2020-2022 than at my marketing job.

Got the card back. Wish it was a 2 but it does have some noticeable flaws. Overall I’m happy with it!


Congrats man. Even at that grade it’s an amazing collector’s piece. And one of the few cards I don’t think will ever lose significant value over time.

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I would wait a year, then crack it out of the slab and have it regraded. That should be a 2.