PSA .. electrify america free charging 4th July weekend

electrify america free charging 4th July weekend


4XE folks be like


They’re going to have to fight over the rare non-fast charging plug to get those 15 miles too.

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Mine (going generally 35-50
mph on surface streets) actually goes 30 miles on a charge with the AC running😱. I know…big whoop but its actually enough for many people who can charge at work to use it as a commuter and buy no gas but still get to drive a car that is not exactly efficient or EVish😊

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As a comparison, when looking at the exact same driving route, I found the Jeep to require 2.4 times the recharging energy as the Bolt.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If there’s enough range to get to work and possibly charge for free that’s a pretty nice bit of savings

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This “just enough” range is exactly why I sold my bolt and got another 4xe. As an EV, clearly the bolt is in another league compared to the jeep. But for my purposes, this jeep will work just fine and be more fun in the process.

Its hard to beat a Bolt tho for pure commuting duties.

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Thanks OP! I just needed this…30-95% (Not sure why it stopped at 95) So roughly $16 worth of free charging.

Took advantage of this on small roadtrip from NYC to Philly and back. Finally ran into another etron and 8 Mach-e’s lol

Funny thing, I went to a local target that had 6 stations…all full…looked like a Tesla Supercharger.

And then drove by the real local supercharger…which had a line of 4 cars waiting for 10 spots. I’m like FOOLS! It’s free down the street.

It was free on Memorial Day too but that one Electrify American sent a notice to my dealer. This past weekend I did not see any promo for it.