PSA: Another way to get BMW Corporate Fleet discount

If you’re looking for a way to qualify for the BMW Corporate Fleet Discount and walk into a dealership with a CIF form, see if your company participates in corporate discounts through PerkSpot.

One biggie with this discount provider is that even if you work somewhere small, if you have your payroll/benefits being managed by ADP TotalSource, they provide corporate discounts through PerkSpot as well. There should be a link to PerkSpot when you log in to look at your paycheck / W2s / etc.

Once you log into PerkSpot, just do a search for “BMW.” There will be a link on that page for a “Discount Certificate” which will give you the CIF form directly.

Secret Trick if you click here.

Rumor is if you can get the link to (the direct URL for) the certificate, you don’t need a login to get access to it and print it out, but you didn’t hear it from me.

Summary of current BMW Corporate Fleet offers

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This puts the hackr into leasehackr :slight_smile:

Funny thing is if you just Google “PerkSpot register pdf” you’ll find some other ways of getting access.

I wish it were more than $500 lease incentive. Cheapskates… :slight_smile:

Oh wow they must have dropped for July. I remember when all BMW Lease Incentives were 1k minimum. I’m now really happy I jumped on the i3 incentive when it was 1.5k.

I checked June also right before I did the deal on the E300. Two of the reasons I didn’t go BMW was 1) no MSDs, and 2) low lease incentive (500 for BMW vs 2000 for the E300).

For BMW’s sake I hope they fix this stuff, otherwise there’s not going to be many BMW leases going on in Q3.

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Looked and could not find, would you be so kind as to point me in the proper direction? I am looking to lease very woon.

Thank you

I looked on Perkspot but my company does not participate. We do however use ADP for patroll. How does that help me?

Does this still work? I couldn’t find anything when googling this

I still get the Fleet discount CIF form when logging in through the PerkSpot portal provided by my company. Lots of organizations (not just companies) use PerkSpot for discounts - might have to Google around to figure out a way in.

Not all adp clients are adp totalsource. Thats a specific service.

BenefitsHub also…

Btw 2018s program is $500 on ALL leases. For those who are looking into BMW lease, sign up for BWCCA (must be a member for full 12 months) in order to qualify for a $1,000 credit on most models.