Pros/cons of using a broker?

The subject line really says it all … are there any major issues besides price to consider when deciding whether to go through a broker?

How much effort you want to put into things

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broker is less effort? I’m working with a well-regarded broker, but their first quote was higher than the dealer quote.

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In my experience, brokers sometimes are able to get better prices than I have been able to achieve on my own and sometimes they aren’t.

The ease of effort side has to do with both how much work/how many dealers you have to work to get a good deal and ease of the transaction. Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes it isn’t.

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A good broker is one that has a good grasp of the market and knows how to push a deal to the bottom. Can a broker who doesn’t know the market give you a mediocre quote? Sure, but dealers can also give mediocre quotes too.

Every Broker is different just like every dealer is different.

Main pro is that a broker is supposed to provide a stress free transparent experience with minimal time investment.


That being said. Don’t hire a broker expecting a unicorn deal like you might see on LH every so often.

If you happen to get one? Great. If not? Understand that every car and every deal is unique and often have motivations behind them unknown to all but the dealer making the deal.


What happened to your broker status, forgot to pay the man? :slight_smile:


Just keeping business and pleasure separate.

No, no, there’s still a broker account for @electric, but it’s now @IAC. :wink:

Plus, I get to “play” with this one too.

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Then that’s not a broker it’s a salesman

I leased through a broker for the first time and had a good experience, however it felt shady. I agreed to my payment $xxx and drive-offs $1,500. The car was delivered and when I was looking at the lease agreement the drive-offs stated $700. I think he took $800 for himself, but he never disclosed that. I’m not sure if I can do anything at this point, I would have thought the difference would cover at least for my disposition fee. Infiniti of Beverly Hills is now closed due to their shady practices… go figure.

Did he also charge you a separate fee for broker services? Or are you upset because you paid the price you agreed to and the broker made money for their work?

In the future, just ask if they charge a separate broker fee or if it is included in the price.

Nope. Happy with the deal, can’t find a Q50 deal on here that beats it. It was the lack of transparency that I did not appreciate.

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Seems high for a Q50 (the fee) But if you’re happy with the deal otherwise then all was well seemingly. I’m all about transparency, myself.

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