Private Lease Transfer- Insanely Clean 340i (Texas)


Up for lease takeover is a 2017 340i Alpine White over Oyster leather. The 3 yr/30,000 mi lease began December , 2017 and will mature on December 29, 2020.

Current Miles: 9,000 (as of Dec 8)
Remaining Miles: 21,000
Miles Per Month: 875
Leasing Company: BMW Financial Services
Months Remaining: 24
Lease End Date: 12/29/2020
Monthly: $648.04 is the monthly payment, $598.67 is the effectively monthly once $1,185.00 is applied.

Price includes tax in Texas (not sure about outside state). Texans pay tax on the ENTIRE car price, sadly.

Car is in Dallas, TX but can travel.

VIN: WBA8B3G39HNU36548

Factory Options:

*M Sport Pkg
*19" 403 wheels
*Technology Package (Navigation, heads-up display, remote services)
*Cold weather Package (Heated steering wheel, heated front and rear seats)
*Surround view cameras
*Driver Assistance Package (parking sensors, rear camera)
*Apple CarPlay

I added (and will stay on the car w/ transfer):

*Color-matched side markers
*Macht Schnell spacers
*Ebay spoiler
*Window Tint

This car is insanely clean. It looks brand new inside and out. And, it even still smells new.

Buyer must qualify per BMW FS. Buyer responsible for app and transfer fee

Nice car. Respectfully, $600 per month is not a great payment for a 340i. That’ll be a tough sell here.



Thanks for the message. In Texas, we pay tax on the entire car. A such, the monthly payment for a $57,XXX car isn’t out of line; is actually quite aggressive for the state. Texans can pay what I do for a 330i or 430i. I encourage you to look at the monthly payments for 3 series on Swapalease for Texas for better understanding.

Take care,


Nope, this is still pretty expensive even for Texas


It’s not. But, thank you!

I agree with the others. $600/mo is still too much for a 340i on here. Maybe you’ll find someone on swapalease, but it’s a tough sell on here.


Thanks for the feedback, all. Tough crowd! I wrapped TT&L into lease, so I only had to pay first pmt.

I’ll stick with SaL.

Take care!


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Its a TX lease. Everyone in TX plays a zero-sum game and the way they tax leases is BRUTAL!

$600 for a 3 series…
Still a 3 series at the end of the day.

“chalk another one up for the home team!”


I had no idea this was a roasting site. I guess that makes everyone feel better?

I’m mean sure- paying acquisition, title, dealer and doc fees, and taxes up front definitely lowers the monthly, but zero out of pocket is super popular in Texas. And, if the car is totaled, I’m not out extra money.

Lease hacker came recommended from a car bud of mine; this was a super bad first impression of this site. There are much more respectful ways to point out someone didn’t get an ideal deal. If anyone has a cheaper 340i w/ zero down in Texas, I’d certainly love to compare.

Y’all are somethin…



I know people in New York who pay this. Also dealers who quote this with the same 0 due. I don’t think there’s a need to bash on someone cause of their deal. Either your interested or not just keep it moving


nice and clean Bimmer!

Not a bad deal for Texas. Not a great deal for Texas.

Really nice looking car though and should go pretty quickly on SaL, I think.

For comparison I have a 17 340i msport loaner, 3k on the clock. Msrp is 58k including upfront va tax I pay 390/mo first month due at signing. So yeah Texas sucks and so does Virginia. But your deal is nothing more than meh on this site.

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Removed roasting references as some people got offended and that isn’t the point of this marketplace post. To summarize, the community doesn’t find that this is a particularly competitive deal, and for that reason, you’ll have a hard time moving it on this forum. But like others have said, you’ll have more luck on swapalease.

I’ll leave this thread open in case someone is dying to have this car.


I hope no one dies to have this car. Sounds messy.

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Well you simply said nope it’s a good deal, when seasoned hackers said it was meh. You’re flippant at best.

I say Roast ’im


We just like to beat sellers to a pulp.


This is not a bad deal, not a good deal neither in TX.
Should go fast in SAL.