Prius Prime Lease Deal?

My old prius is coming off lease next month…thinking about a prius prime.

My dealer, who has given me two great deals in past with little negotiation, has offered the following:

34500 sticker, 500 discount.

36/12K…residual 18500, 915 drive off, 578 month with 9% ca tax.

seems dreadful…i can get a 34K regular prius with zero drive off/350month!

any comments?

If you’re going to spend that much, look at an Audi A3 e-tron instead. Similar electric range, excellent gas mileage, and lower monthly cost. Plus personally I like the inside much better and it actually seats 5 instead of 4. Plus if you roll in Audi Care, residual goes up 1%, effectively making it cost <$500 to get free service at 5k, 15k, 25k, 35k, 45k.

The Money Factor is currently 0.00095 and the Residual is super low on the advanced so it won’t lease as well as Premium or Plus.

$500 discount is good as there is $750 between invoice and MSRP on Advanced.

Get a Volt. Nuff said.

Drove the Volt…not a fan…too cramped inside, bad visiblity.

Do you need a prius? For 578 you can get a x5 drive 40e

I have no interest in paying 580, certainly not for a prius…I’d get a regular one instead for 300-350.

Looking to spend under 400, zero drive off, socal.

If you like toyota, Look at the highlander xle. There are some deals around $300

Any update? Any lease cash offer? The car qualifies for $4500 federal credit

Anyone getting any dealer discounts on these yet? Before incentives and rebates?

Would love to know any good deals on the Prius Prime.


I’d recommend to check Sonata plug-in limited or Fusion energy platinum, both are cheaper and fully loaded.
Also, you can wait for IONIQ plug-in, which would be a direct Prius prime competitor.

Get a Mirai (sp), better for the environment than the Prius and IMO looks like it was a little less beaten with the ugly stick than the new Prius :wink:

A whopping 1 cubic foot less space in the front and same rear passenger space.
Car and Driver liked it way better than the Prius. But one likes what they like!